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No.1 High Street

Scotts Eyecare

Shop History

Scotts Eyecare

                        Moons Cycle Depot c. 1930s

1971 - 1974

Michael N. Henley Opticians
- Phone Book

1970 - 1984

A.A. Richardson's Opticians
- Phone Book

- 1969

Moon's Toyshop

12th June 1953

- Newmarket UDC
re-numbering map


William James Moon died


Moon's Cycle Depot
- Newmarket Directory

Abt. 1930s

Moon's Cycle Depot


Moon, W.J.
- Newmarket Street Directory


Moon, William James,
motor engineer, motor cycle & cycle agent & dealer, High Street & Bury Road - Nkt.130 - Kelly's Directory


Moon, William J. cycle dealer,
High Street - Kelly's Directory


Moon W. J., Cycle Motor Agent
High Street - Phone Book

Jul 1911

W.J. Moon


  • Moon's is not shown at No.1 High Street in the 1911 census, but planning details below show that the shop front was constructed sometime after July 1911 and the shop is in the 1912 phone book and the subsequent 1916 Kelly's Directory in the High Street - previously William James (W.J.) Moon's shop had been at No.20 Old Station Road (now Superherbs Clinics) and is listed there in the 1909 & 1910 phone books.

  • W.J. Moon Cycle Shop - Old Station Road c. 1903
    [Many thanks to John Moon and 'Old Newmarket' for this photograph]

  • William James Moon was born in Newmarket in 1882 and in 1911 lived at No.5 Falmouth Street. He married Dorothy Richardson in 1916.
    They had four children; Malcolm James Moon, 1918, Bryan William Moon, 1921, Audrey D E Moon, 1923 and Stephen John Moon, 1930.
    Better known just as John Moon, it was he who continued his father's legacy,
    renaming the shop in later years as Moon's Toy Shop.

  • Newmarket Journal, February 22, 1913
    Mr W J Moon, the Newmarket agent, has just received the first consignment of Raleigh all-steel bicycles for 1913 and is now making a special display of these machines at his premises near the Jubilee Tower.

  • Moon's Toy Shop moved to its present location in Kingston Passage at No.85 High Street - Kingston House in 1969, being listed at both No.1 and No.85 High Street in the Phone Book in that year. The shop eventually became the present-day Moons Toymaster Superstore.

  • William's former shop in No.20 Old Station Road had a curious next use:-

  • Friday 02 May 1913, Cambridge Independent Press
    '... The National League for Opposing Women's Suffrage has established itself in Old Station-road, Newmarket, in the premises recently vacated Mr W. J. Moon, and the window is plastered with pictures of the most striking character, eminently calculated to provoke the militant suffragettes if they happen to come to Newmarket....'

  • The sale of bicycles moved to a new shop - Moon's Cycles Centre on the other corner of the clock tower roundabout at No.1 Old Station Road - appearing at that address in the 1974 Phone Book.

  • A. A. Richardshon's Opticians moved from No.3 The Avenue - Cardigan Lodge to this shop in 1970, being joined by Michael N. Henley Opticians, who's name also appears at this address in the 1971 - 1974 Phone Books. [Note from webmaster - I can confirm this dual occupancy - purchashing spectacles from this opticians during this period.]

  • A. A. Richardshon's Opticians is shown in the Phone Book at this address until 1984. The shop eventually became the present-day Scotts Eyecare.

  • Photo of Newmarket, the Jubilee Clock Tower c1955, ref. N23029
    Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.

  • As shown on Chapman's maps of Newmarket of 1768 and 1787 and described in Frank Silzter's article "Newmarket: its sports and personalities" of 1923, this area was originally gardens and plantations located between the Red Lion Inn and what was then Dalham Road (now Moulton Road).

    It's not obvious on any of the censuses if there was ever any buildings on this specific location prior to the opening of Moon's Cycle Depot in 1911.

  • Building Changes

  • Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
    Newmarket Urban District Council Records
    Reference EF 506
  • Shop front, High St, for W.J. Moon EF 506/6/1/14/404 Jul 1911

  • Many thanks to Roger Newman for the postcard 'Jubilee Clock & Moons Cycle Depot 30s'.

  • Many thanks to 'Old Newmarket' for the photos 'Moons Bicycle Showrooms', 'The Clock Tower & Old Station Road c. 1900' and 'The Clock Tower c. 1978'.

  • Photo 'W.J. Moon' by kind permission of the Newmarket Journal and the Newmarket Memories Facebook page.

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No.1 High Street

Scotts Eyecare

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