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No.2 High Street

Bouquets of Newmarket

Shop History

1997 -

Bouquets of Newmarket


The Chestnuts, newsagent & tobacconist - Domesday Survey

c. 1981

Stigwoods Confectioners


Stigwoods Confectioners

12th June 1953

- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map

Abt. 1938

Converted to a shop


  • This building was in the garden of the Chestnuts (No.16 High Street), which was originally owned by Veterinary Surgeon Edward Hugh Leach at the beginning of the 20th c. The shops between here and No. 16 were built in around 1938. 

  • A.Stigwood Confectioners was owned and run by Alec Henry Stigwood (1909-1987) and Dorothy (nee Cullum 1908-1999).
    It was one of them old-fashioned sweet shops full of shelves covered in glass jars filled with a wide variety of sweets - '1/4lb of mint humbugs please ...'.

  • Dorothy had another claim-to-fame ... in the 1960s she was an ardent supporter of a selection of pirate radio stations, including 'Radio City' and RNI 'Radio North-sea International'. 
    Apparently from 1964-67 Dorothy sent food parcels and other treats out to the Thames Estuary fort on Shivering Sands that was the home of 'Radio City', and she was also frequently mentioned on RNI broadcasts for the lengthy letters and track requests that they received from her.

  • Many thanks to 'Old Newmarket' for the photo 'The Chestnuts Surgery'.


Bouquets of Newmarket

The Chestnuts Surgery