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No.34-36 High Street

Waggon & Horses Inn & Market House
36a: Petco, Pet Supplies

Pub History

Landlord: Colin Peter Whiley

9th Jun 1983

Landlord: Michael Richard Cowan plus Kevin John Atkins (Whitbread Brewery Area Manager)

3rd Feb 1983

Landlord: Mark Douglas Strachan plus Adrian Bowers ( Whitbread Brewery Area Manager)

12th Feb 1981

Landlord: Terence Edward Taylor

24th Nov 1977

Landlord: Ronald Frank Cowell plus Alan Andrew Jacobs (Whitbread Brewery Area Manager)

3rd Dec 1970

Landlord: Ronald Frank Cowell


Landlord: Jose Torres

12th June 1953

No.36:- Waggon & Horses Hotel
- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map


Landlord: Herbert Sheppard


Waggon & Horses Hotel: Landlord - Herbert Sheppard - 1936 Newmarket Diretory


Landlord: Herbert Sheppard


Landlord: H.Barber


Waggon & Horses: Landlord - H. Sheppard - 1926 Newmarket Street Directory


Landlady: Mrs Sarah Barber


Landlady: Mrs S.Smith


Waggon & Horses Hotel: Landlord - John Smith - Kelly's Directory

2nd April 1911

Landlord: Alfred George Read  - Census


Landlord: Charles F.Lurgley


Landlord: Thomas H.Sutton


Waggon & Horses Hotel, High Street - Eastern Counties of England Directory


Landlord: John Smith - Census

1892 - 1900

Landlord: John Smith - Kelly's Directory


Landlord: John Smith - Post Office Directory, Census


Waggon & Horses & Market house, High Street - Edward Mayhew
- Post Office Directory of Cambridgeshire

1873 - 1885

Landlord: Edward Mayhew - Harrod's Directory, White's Directory


Landlord: John Sellwood - Census


Present building built (as per name plaque on parapet)

1865 - 1868

Landlord: John Sellwood - Post Office Directory, Morris' Directory


Landlord: John Martin - Census


Waggon & Horses, J Martin, High Street - Gardener Directory Hotel Inns Newmarket


Waggon & Horses - John Martin - Robson's Commercial Directory of Beds, Bucks ...

1830 - 1855

Landlord: John Martin - Pigot's Directory


Landlord: William Seeley - Pigot's Directory


Waggon H. - Chapman's Map of Newmarket


Rose - Chapman's Map of Newmarket


  • No. 36a is at the rear of the Waggon & Horses and used to be part of Kitchen & Things (No.38 High Street).
    At one time the Newmarket Town Football Social Club used to be in this building, with a function room upstairs.

    Note from webmaster - my claim-to-fame regarding the Football Social Club is that this was the first venue that I played live music in,
    in around 1974.

  • As can be seen in the 1930s picture the pub in the Photos section below, this used to also be a hotel, with the entrance to this being in the left-hand door.

  • The entrance into the courtyard on the right-hand-side is into the site of the old cattle market - cattle and sheep used to be herded along the high street and into this entrance (see below).
    On the Interactive Map page you can hover over and see the original location of the old cattle market (just to right of the letters RCH in Fred Archer Way).
    There were also stables between the pub and cattle market as can be seen on the 1886 map of Newmarket.

    Sheep 'escaped' from the Cattle Market behind the Waggon & Horses - with PC Docking acting as shepherd in the High Street - c.1950s
    Many thanks to Peter Norman for the above photo -
    (click on the picture for a larger image)
    [I bet the sheep didn't know that they were right in front of a butcher's shop!]

  • The Waggon & Horses is one of the oldest pubs in the town. The core of the building dates from the 16th Century although it was extended in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

  • English Heritage Listed Building Details:-

  • Waggon and Horses Public House
    Grade: II
    Date Listed: 10 March 1970
    English Heritage Building ID: 275654

  • On Chapman's 1787 map of Newmarket (shown below) the pub is identified as 'Waggon H.', but on the earlier 1768 map (shown further down below) it's shown as 'Rose' - clearly the name of the pub had changed sometime between these two dates.

  • Chapman's Map of Newmarket 1787

  • Chapman's Map of Newmarket 1768

  • Building Changes

  • Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
    Newmarket Urban District Council Records
    Reference EF 506
  • Cattle market, rear of Waggon and Horses, High St, for the Newmarket and District Farmers' and Butchers' Auction Mart Co Ltd, Cambridge (John Flatman) EF 506/6/1/15/451 Apr 1913
  • Alterations to stables, rear of Waggon and Horses in High St, for Newmarket and District Farmers' and Butchers' Auction Mart Ltd (John Flatman) EF 506/6/1/15/458 Aug 1913

  • Many thanks to Tony Pringle for his information about the history of the pub and the photos 'Waggon & Horses c.1930 & c.1930s'.

  • Many thanks to Roger Norman for his postcard 'Waggon & Horses mid 1920s'.

  • Photo 'Waggon & Horses Inn & Market House' by kind permission of the Newmarket Journal and the Newmarket Memories Facebook page.

  • Many thanks to 'Old Newmarket' for the photo 'Waggon & Horses c.1920s'.


No.34-36 High Street - 2019

No.34-36 High Street

Waggon & Horses Inn & Market House

Waggon & Horses c.1930s

Waggon & Horses c.1930

Waggon & Horses mid 1920s

Waggon & Horses c.1920s