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Wellington Street

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Wellington Square H.J. Hawes Pork Shop J.H. Moore Butchers Powters Butchers Dullingham Ley Dairy Albion Lodge Murton Butchers William Harper Butchers Golding & Son William Crisswell The Black Horse The Carlton Hotel Simpson & Jeffery Samuel Crisswells Supply Stores / Dyers Grocers Hynard Cobbler Fox & Goose
Marked-up 1969 map courtesy of Tony Pringle


  • The Fox & Goose Lane, named after the Fox & Goose Inn (Shown on Chapman's 1787 map of Newmarket below), became Wellington Lane and Wellington Inn in honour of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington and his success at the battle of Waterloo in 1815 and then eventually Wellington Street.

    Chapman's Map of Newmarket 1787

    Wellington Street c.1968 - photo courtesy of 'Old Newmarket'

    Wellington Street 1971 - photo courtesy of 'Old Newmarket'

    TSB in Wellington Street c.1980 - photo courtesy of 'Old Newmarket'

    Wellington Street 2013

  • Adolfo Biagi - Dolf's Ice-cream

  • Born in Italy in around 1869 Adolphus Biaggi came to this country sometime around 1873 and lived in around Camden, London - starting at the St John The Evangelist School, Camden on 3rd May 1880. His father was Albert Biaggi.

    By the time he came to Newmarket in around 1904 he'd anglicised his name to Adolfo Biagi and wrote it as such on the 1911 census. I don't think any of the directories ever quite got his name correct though. He died in Newmarket in December 1942, aged 73, still calling himself Adolfo Biagi.

    The confectioners / ice cream parlour shown on the map above was called Dolf's it was where Ladbrokes is now (on the left in the above photo), opposite Powter's butchers. Dolf's confectioners also used to sell ice cream from a 'stop me and buy one' motorbike and side-car. In the 1930s Hec Smith used to ride the bike.

    Adolfo used to live in Waterloo House - No.9 Wellington Street, which is where the tattoo parlour Ink Couture is now, the building on the right in the above photo.

    He had at least 5 children and the 3rd eldest was Dino Peter F Biagi - born in Newmarket on 28th June 1909 and died, aged 71, in December 1980. This of course is Dino of Dino's Cafe - No.1 Wellington Street (now the Newmarket Kebab House). Just before the war Dino was in charge of the Dolf's motorbike selling ice-creams around the villages - presumably this is how he met and married Audrey Vera Block in 1943 from Dullingham Ley.

  • Hyner Cobbler

  • Jack Hyner was born in Newmarket on 3rd January 1919 and died here in December 1983.

    You can just see Dolf's ice-cream shop on the right in this photo.

    Hyner Cobbler
    Photo by kind permission of the Newmarket Journal and the Newmarket Memories Facebook page.

  • The Rookery

  • Details about the streets and shops in the nearby Rookery can be found here.

  • Albion Street c.1970s - many thanks to Peter Norman for the above photo