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No.64-72 High Street

64 Jenningsbet Bookmakers
66-68 Greggs The Bakers Café
70-72 Greggs The Bakers


4th April 2008

Jenningsbet (Better) Bookmakers

1996 - 2007


12th June 1953

Brampton House Flat
- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map


Greggs The Bakers

1980 -

Bakers Oven

No.64-66 [Later 64-70]

12th June 1953

No.66:- Layng's
- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map


Layng & Co., Grocers - Leslie N & Jeanette E Dunget


Layng & Co., Grocers - Newmarket Directory


Layng & Co., Dungate, S - Newmarket Street Directory


Layng & Co. grocers, High Street & millers (steam & wind), Exning Road - Nkt.52
- Kelly's Directory


Layng & Co. grocers, High Street & millers (steam & wind), Exning Road
- Kelly's Directory

2nd April 1911

Layngs - Sidney James Dunget - Grocers Manager - Census


Layng - Street Market Map


G.F. Layng, High Street, Grocers - Eastern Counties of England Directory


Dedham House: George Layng - Grocer - Census


George Freestone Layng - Family Grocer & Wine & Spirit - Kelly's Directory

1893 - 1896

Holland, Barrett & Layng


George F Layng - Grocer - Census


George Deeks - Grocer - Census


George Deeks - Grocer - Census


George Deeks - Grocer - Census


William Hurley - Grocer - Census


12th June 1953

No.68:- Layng's
No.70:- Brampton House Flat
- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map


Brampton House: Brittain, Horace H. - Nkt.407 - Newmarket Directory


Sarah Mary Ann Freeman [nee Rogers / Moore] died


Brampton House:
Brittain, H.,
Bradley, F.W.,
- Newmarket Street Directory


Rogers & Co. Chemists & Druggist, High Street - Kelly's Directory


John Henry Freeman died

2nd April 1911

Dedham House: John Henry Freeman - Pharmacist & Druggist - Census
[Arthur Robert Rogers is shown as his stepson, age 40 - Business Assistant - his mother Sarah Mary Ann Freeman is 67]


Rogers & Co. Chemists, High Street - Kelly's Directory


Rogers & Co. - Street Market Map


Rogers & Co. Chemists, High Street - Eastern Counties Directory


Dedham House: John Freeman - Chemist & Druggist - Census
[Arthur Robt. Rogers is shown as his stepson, age 30 - Chemist's Assistant]


Rogers & Co, High Street, Chemists & Druggists - Kelly's Directory


Rogers & Co Chemists and aerated waters manufacturers - Kelly's Directory


John Henry Freeman - Chemist & Druggist - Census

(and mineral water manufacturer)
[Arthur Robt. Rogers is shown as his stepson, age 20 - his widowed mother Sarah M.A. Rogers (nee Moore) married John Henry Freeman in 1888]


Mrs. Arthur Rogers, Chemists and aerated waters manufacturers - Kelly's Directory

6th May 1881

Arthur Robert Rogers died


Arthur R. Rogers Chemist & Druggist & Mineral Water Manufacturer - Census
[Arthur R. Rogers, junior, age 10]


Rogers, Arthur Robert, Chemist and Druggist, High Street - Post Office Directory


Arthur R. Rogers Chemist & Druggist - Census
[Arthur R. Rogers, junior, age 9 months is his son]


Rogers, Arthur, Chemist and Druggist, High Street - Kelly's Directory


Sarah Rogers (nee Barnes) [Robert Rogers' widow] Chemist & Druggist - Census


Robert Rogers, Chemist - Census
[Arthur Robert Rogers, age 2 is his son]


mid 1970s

Whipps & Co. demolished

24th Dec 1974

Whipp's closed

12th June 1953

- Newmarket UDC re-numbering map


Whipps & Co. - Fishmongers - Nkt.503 /504 - Newmarket Directory


Whipps & Co. - Fishmongers - Newmarket Street Directory


Whipps & Co. (G.N. Groger), fishmongers, poulterers, game dealers & ice merchants - Nkt.87 - Kelly's Directory

1925 -

Whipps & Co. - Fishmongers


Ashford Drapery


Ashford - Street Market Map


Ashfords Drapery - Manning Ashford - Census.


William Le Plas - Tailor - Census.


William Le Plas - Tailor & Draper - Census.


Joseph Hapell - Tailor - Census.

  • Holland, Barrett & Layng

  • In the late 19th century there were three business men; William Holland, Alfred Slapps Barrett and George Freestone Layng, who jointly set up grocers & wine merchants shops in Sudbury and Newmarket High Street called Holland, Barrett & Layng.
    On 23rd January 1896 they dissolved their partnership (see details below), George continued on his own with the much loved Layng's grocers in Newmarket, which sadly is now gone .... Holland & Barrett continued with their partnership in Sudbury and became, well ...
    Holland & Barrett.

    There's a moral in there somewhere ...

  • William Holland was born in 1847 in Stockport, Cheshire and moved to Bishop's Stortford sometime before 1881, where he died in 1915.

    Alfred Slaps Barrett, born in 1850, started his career sometime before 1871 as a grocer living on Market Hill, Cambridge.
    He moved to Bishop's Stortford and married Eliza Ann Dodd in 1877.
    He was a pillar of the local community, always willing to help and associated with most organisations in Bishop's Stortford, where he died on 19th June 1933.

    In 1881 George Layng was a Grocer's Assistant at a Grocer & Drapers shop in Snettisham Norfolk - he was born in 1863 in Foulden, Norfolk.

    Holland, Barrett & Layng was one of the many partnerships that Holland and Barrett entered into with a variety of local grocer shop owners - other locations include Oxford Street, High Wycombe and Botolph Lane, London.

    It doesn't look like the partnership with George Freestone Layng lasted very long, as the planning details below show the triple-named shop front being created in June 1893 and the London Gazette article shows the partnership being dissolved by 23rd January 1896.

  • The history of this row of shops in the High Street is quite complicated; as the divisions between them has changed over the years.

    On the 1891 Census George Layng and John Freeman were in their respective shops and Manning Ashford was in No.72 High Street - the shop that later became Whipps Fishmongers.

    In 1901 Layngs was just in the shop next to the Bull (No.64-66 High Street) and on its left was Rogers & Co. Chemists in No.68-70. At that time none of the shops between this and the Hotel Victoria (No.82 High Street) were shown as occupied on the census.

    Later Layngs took over and expanded into No.68-70, creating a double-width shop front.

    As the 1970s photograph of Layngs in the Photos section below shows, Whipps was demolished first in the 1970s and soon after Layngs followed in 1978, to be replaced by the present building that covers all these shops.

    [Note all these house numbers are their present-day values and do not represent their original usage.]

  • Former grocer leaves £900,000 - Jeanette Daly and her first husband once ran Layngs grocers:-

  • Unexploded Bomb

  • The Bombing of Newmarket High Street 1941
    February 18th 1941 - photo courtesy of the Newmarket Local History Society

  • Note from webmaster - I have a few claims-to-fame regarding these shops. Firstly for Whipps fishmongers; both my Granddad Jack and Uncle Fred worked there for many years.
    The first of the bombs that fell on Newmarket, Tuesday, February 18th 1941, landed very close-by on the other side of Market Street and completely demolished shoe shop Freeman, Hardy & Willis and the Marlborough Club above.
    Another bomb had landed on the fish smokery in the back yard of Whipps, where my Granddad was working at the time and failed to explode - he was thrown to the ground, fortunately mostly unhurt.

    My Dad, who'd just had his 12th birthday two weeks previous, was at the Newmarket Secondary Modern School in Exning Road and can remember seeing the smoke rising over the high street. Afterwards Jack cycled home to Exning Road and re-counted to his family how he remembers everything falling down around him and all the dust rising.

    Next for Layngs and its former Manageress Mrs. Daly (nee Jeacock / Dunget) - my Mum was her housekeeper and close friend & companion for many years up until she died in 2007.

    At the time of the Newmarket bombing, around 1941, 'Miss' Dunget was a primary school teacher at Woodditton School.
    My Mum recounts how she'd give out sticks of orange candy she brought in from Layngs to give out to good pupils - a real treat during these austere war years.

    Finally, prior to that my Nan was housekeeper for Jeanette Daly's widowed Mother; Daisy Jeacock - I can remember vividly visiting with my Nan this kindly lady, with her caged budgie, in her house in Warrington Street. Jeanette's Father; Bertie William Jeacock, from Launton, Oxfordshire, was a Compositor and became joint owner of the Newmarket Journal.

  • Whipps

  • The Bombing of Newmarket High Street 1941
    After serving the people of Newmarket for nearly 50 years, Whipps the fishmongers
    finally closed on Christmas Eve. As our picture shows the shop was doing business
    right to the end. Taking a short breather are the staff, from left: Mrs. L. Self, Mr. Put-
    man, Mr. F. Rippington and Mr. T. Hall.
    (Photo: Peter Faulkes).

  • The above photo and caption are taken from the Newmarket Journal on Thursday 2nd January 1975 - many thanks to June Oliver for sending these details about her Father: Fred Rippington (my Uncle).

  • Jennings Bet (Better)

  • Newmarket Journal
    New betting shop to open
    Published 28/02/2008

    A NEW betting shop is set to open in Newmarket High Street on the eve of this year's Grand National.
    Better, which currently has about 30 shops, the majority of which are in London, plans to open in the store formerly occupied by clothes retailer Jumpers. A licence has been granted by Forest Heath Council.
    The opening will bring the number of betting shops in the town into double figures, nearly half of which are run by Ladbrokes with Jennings, Corals and Fred Done.
    Better spokesman Con Byrne said: "We plan to open a shop in Newmarket on April 4, which is the eve of the Grand National.
    "We realise that some of the bigger bookmakers are already present in the town but we are happy to take them on with offers and suchlike."

  • Building Changes

  • Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch
    Newmarket Urban District Council Records
    Reference EF 506
  • Alterations to shop, High St, for Holland, Barrett & Laying (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/H66 Apr 1893
  • Shop front, High St, for Holland, Barrett & Layng (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/H65 Jun 1893
  • Shop front, High St, for Layng & Co EF 506/6/1/17/569 Sep 1920
  • Alterations to shop front, High St, for G.N. Croger EF 506/6/1/20/708 Mar 1925 [Whipps]

  • Planning Application - F/78/322
    64 - 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 16-06-1978
    Redevelopment of shop site with 3 new lock-up shops as amended by letter dated 5th July 1978 and drawings Nos 1618/SK1/B and 1618/SK2/B received on 10th July 1978.

  • Planning Application - F/79/143
    64 - 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 05-03-1979
    Redevelopement of site with 3 lock up shops.

  • Planning Application - F/79/872
    Units 1 & 2 64 - 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 29-11-1979
    New shopfront to bakery and catering shop.

  • Planning Application - F/79/772
    64 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 05-12-1979
    Change of use from retail class 1 to bakers/instore bakery sale of food for consumption on and off premises.

  • Planning Application - F/81/039
    64 - 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 24-12-1980
    Installation of shopfront and interior fittings.

  • Planning Application - F/83/053
    Unit 3 64 - 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 20-01-1983
    New shop front as amended by letters dated 17.2.83 and 11.3.83.

  • Planning Application - F/88/737
    64-72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 23-08-1988
    New shop front.

  • Planning Application - F/89/195
    64 72 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 10-03-1989
    Repositioning and setting forward of existing shop front.

  • Planning Application - F/96/285
    64 High Street Newmarket Suffolk
    Application Registered 28-05-1996
    Remove existing shopfront and replace with new timber shopfront.

  • Planning Application - F/2007/0770/COU
    64 High Street Newmarket
    Application Registered 14-09-2007
    Change of use from Class A1 (Retail) to Class A2 (Financial and Professional Services).
    Applicant - Better

  • Planning Application - F/2012/0560/COU
    Greggs 66 High Street Newmarket
    Application Registered 24-09-2012
    Use of pavement to place table, chairs and barriers in association with Greggs (Development affecting the setting of a Listed Building).

  • George Freestone Layng clearly had business interests elsewhere in Newmarket as shown in the 1916 Kelly's Directory listing shown above and in the following planning applications:-
  • Bacon-curing room, Corn Mills, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/2/87 Nov 1897
  • Nine cottages, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Sons) EF 506/6/1/7/69 Aug 1901
  • Four cottages, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/7/80 Nov 1901
  • Cottages and shop, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/J143 Feb 1902
  • Five cottages, King Edward VII Rd, for George F. Layng (Holland & Sons) EF 506/6/1/8/102 Jun 1902
  • Stabling etc, Newmarket Mills, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Sons) EF 506/6/1/9/163 Jul 1903
  • Alterations and additions, shop premises, Mill Hill, Exning Rd, for G.F. Layng (Holland & Son) EF 506/6/1/9/166 Jul 1903

  • Newmarket Mills, Exning Road - 1886

  • In the map above the row of houses on the right is Bakers Row, still there today on Exning Road. Many will remember where the Gas Works was and the track leading up to Newmarket Mills is where the Newmarket Motor Company garage is now, at the side of Freshfields. Waterloo Lodge was where the famous racehorse trainer Mat Dawson spent his final days.

  • Many thanks to Peter Norman for his photos of Whipps & Co. and Layngs.

  • Many thanks to Tony Pringle for the photo 'G.F. Layng 1910'.

  • Many thanks to 'Old Newmarket' for the photos 'Layng & Co. c.1915', 'G.F. Layng 1902', 'Centre of high Street c. 1900' and 'G.F. Layng c. 1900'.


No.64-72 High Street

Holland, Barrett & Layng

Layngs c.1970s

Layngs late 1960s

Layngs mid 1960s

Layngs c.1960

Layng & Co. c.1915

G. F. Layng 1910

G.F. Layng 1902

Centre of High Street c.1900

G.F. Layng c.1900

Whipps & Co. c.1977

Whipps & Co.

Whipps & Co.

Whipps & Co.

Whipps 1930s

Whipps & Co. Ltd.

Whipps Advert

Whipps & Co. Advert