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Albion Lodge

Shop History

Archie Fell

Abt. 1936

Mrs. Bosworth

Bef. 1911 - 1934

Charles William Bakewell Bosworth
Corn, Coal, Wine and Spirit Merchant


Alice Anne Rogers, own means, Albion Lodge - Census


Albion Lodge - John Valentine Lawrance - Post Office Directory of Cambridgeshire


  • Albion Lodge had been at one time the manager's house associated with the King's Head Brewery next door.

  • Long time brewery manager and later corn, coal, wine and spirit merchant Charles William Bakewell Bosworth (b. 1846 Dishley, Leicestershire) can be seen on the 1911 census in Albion Lodge, he died there in 1934.

  • Archie Fell  worked at Rothsay House (No.124 High Street), for Osmond E. Griffiths Auctioneers.